​STOP seeing yourself through the eyes of others! IT’S TIME!!

Know Yourself Free webinar

Can you stop seeing yourself through the eyes of someone else? !

Join my live event and learn about the powers that unfold from knowing yourself.

Are you tired of always worrying about what others are thinking? Do you doubt yourself?

I remember something from when I was young that influenced my behavior for a long time – because of an opinion of another…

As a teenager, I had to go to a new high school and I remember entering the big scary building in the center of the city of Jerusalem and meeting a girl. She was not a ‘popular’ kid but she was intelligent and articulate and we became friends.

We were very different. I was from a village and grew up with my tribe and farm animals and she was a city girl living with her family in the center of the city.

I was outgoing, friendly in the art department and she was an intellectual, a writer with very few friends. I respected her and valued her power of observation, so when she made a comment about her first impression of me.

She said, when I first met you, I thought you were a bitch.

I was shocked. I reviewed our first encounter in my mind, but could not find any unkindness on my part.

“Now that I know you, I don’t know why I thought that”. She continued, “You looked so strong and sure of yourself”.

Our friendship continued but as I saw my strength through her eyes I felt ashamed of my enthusiastic nature and felt that I needed to be more ‘troubled’ to have an “examined life”.

I adopted more of a ‘complaining’ attitude and found myself acting unsatisfied when I was with her. It was only years later that I realized that I had spent years trying to prove I was a good person.

It took me a long time and very different kind of friends to appreciate who I naturally am.

Getting to know ourselves in a compassionate way, with an appreciation of our qualities and an awareness of our shadows is a must if we want to grow and prosper.

There nothing more satisfying than knowing who you are, knowing your limitations and shortcomings and still liking yourself. No money, success or relationship can give you that whole feeling.

And that is what you deserve.

How to recognize if you are alienating yourself from yourself?

Do you find it difficult to make a decision and when you do, doubt it?

Do you feel that you are not worthy of praise for your accomplishments?

Do you feel disconnected?

Do you suffer from anxiety?

These are all symptoms that you are not supporting yourself. That you are not listening to your true voice. It is time for you to be heard, for you to meet yourself and be a cheerleader for your own life!

A heartfelt invitation

Know yourself Free webinar

I would like to invite you to my FREE WEBINAR on the 30th of September at 8 pm (CET) where we will explore how by opening up and listening to yourself you can navigate life from a place of love and grounding.

What will we do?

1) We will look at what it means to truly know yourself

2) We will uncover the many rewards of starting to listen to yourself (there are more than you might think)

3) Learn how to identify your fears that hold you back – and how to bust them!

4) Practice a simple step to get you started on this Journey

5) Learn an exercise to get you on your way.


With deep gratitude,


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I started to sing in my crib and perform to audiences since I was 9 years old. I absolutely can’t stop writing, composing, singing, creating, painting and dancing. Self-expression is my lifeline to happiness and I used joy my whole life to bring that to people in my family, my village and every community I ever joined. In my 20’s I built an entertainment business built on those principles. Then I had a crisis. That brought me the shadow world and depth of life and I started investigating: How do we stay happy? I entered the world of healing, shamanism, Kabbalah, sound healing and other eastern and western methods. I had teachers from all around the world and I started to give women circles, workshops and healing sessions. My method of working with the voice as the main tool for self-discovery and self-expression grew to be the central philosophy of creating everything. I identified 36 ways women hide their power and I am passionate about changing that. I am in awe of the power we have in our body, our mind voice and heart and I teach, preach and sing about it in any way I can. I now act as a transformational midwife for people who are ready to take a supported journey to change and happiness and I create tools, like the Sound Journey to aid people like you to hear YOUR own inner voice.

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