Our Story 01

Our Story

Happy Goddessa Guide

The Short Story

Young and strong, I started my business and art. But I crashed and lost my voice, my power and my joy for many years. After Investigating the pitfalls and exploring how to stay connected to our eternal strength and happiness, it became my passion. Now I have come full circle with the creation of Happy Goddessa. A platform that unites the colors of the creative industry and the depth of personal growth to ignite personal and social change and empowerment.

The Long Story

Once upon a time, a first-born girl was born in the hills of an ancient city to a family of artists, healers, and scholars of the sacred text. Her whole village was founded by a joyful people who carried a deep love of the Divine queen who, they believed, gave birth to everything that is alive. When the girl was few months old, she saw the loving goddess coming to give her a kiss during the night and she sang one line of an old tribe song.

The BIG Reason Why Happy Goddessa Exists 02

The BIG Reason Why Happy Goddessa Exists

Happy and empowered people are the creators of social change

The power of our mind, voice and, our hearts magnetic field, can truly support social change. Yes, together we CAN drive our collective human evolution.

Social improvement doesn’t just happen from outside forces like political parties or activism. It also emerges from inside of our own individual consciousness. That kind of social change starts with a person’s own self-awareness and willingness and desire to transform circumstances and reality. This is the grassroots of social change!

From my experience, every person has a slightly different definition of what it means to be happy. But what I do know is that we are all seeking a sense of being complete, being whole, feeling accepted and being part of something bigger.

Our subconscious world runs deep and through all forms of art, creative expression, music, mindfulness, and meditation we can tap into our inner world. Exploring our inner world strengthens the connection to yourself and cultivates an inner peace, expansion of wisdom, trust and confidence – a natural and sustainable source for happiness, wholeness, and acceptance When you express yourself from this source your voice becomes unique, powerful and capable of manifesting change.

“Solving the problems of the world” demands from all of us that we use all of our talents, skills, and capacities. Lead by example and teach by embodying your principles.

Through self-empowerment, we can empower others to be all that they are. They too will experience an elevation of consciousness by accepting their talents and limitations and their strengths and weaknesses. With that empowerment comes social change.

The Programs 03

The Programs

Learn to be a Happy Goddessa: in body, heart, mind and spirit

Happy Goddessa programs are a framework that takes you on a journey designed to stimulate, explore, and balance the right and left the brain, the intuitive and linear thinking, the head and the heart, ideas, and practice, theory, and experience.

The journey is taught as a multi-sensory experience that helps you discover what you are fully capable of – by exploring the deeper world of spiritual and emotional needs, the extrovert: the outer world of the intellect, physical, feelings, and your intuitive senses.

Happy Goddess consists of thirteen aspects representing personal discovery, exploration, and development which form the Happy Goddessa Journey and are the basis for the Personal Transformational Courses.

The 13 Principles of Happy Goddessa

The Goddessa Center of Unity Consciousness
The Two Sides of Polarity
The Three Levels of Self-Awareness
The Four Voices of Being
The Five Arts of Expression
The Six Steps Path of Growth
The Seven Manifesting Gates for Change
The Eight Talents and Qualities
The Nine Basic Power Tools
The Ten Daily Habits of Happiness
The Eleven Elements of Rituals
The 12 Codes of Actions
The Thirteen Archetypal Mothers of Creation

The entire process and journey can be visualized through the Happy Goddessa Wheel, a mandala-style illustration of all of the aspects that make up us, humanity.

Our Services 4

Our Services

What Happy Goddessa can offer you

All teachings, products, and services are based on the Goddessa Guide to Happiness which is a method that includes ancient spiritual techniques and art therapy and contemporary coaching techniques. Our products are Sound Journeys, online courses, transformational programs, and live workshops and events. All of our tools and products are designed to inspire and educate people on the power we hold in our 4 voices: Mental voice(mindset) Physical Voice (presentation) emotional voice (confidence) and Inner voice (connectedness) and how we can use them to empower yourself and ignite social change.

Happy Goddessa is perfect for you if you are:

Living with mental or emotional stress and feeling a bit out of control or powerless.
Relationship with a child or a partner is difficult or painful
Experiencing a stressful financial situation that is blocking clear thinking and creative solutions.
Worrying or anxious about a past or future event.
Having too many negative thoughts and they don’t know how to stop that.
Guilt for past mistakes
Feeling disconnected from self, family or life itself.
Overwhelmed with regret and self-blame

What you can gain from joining the Happy Goddess Tribe?

Increased sense of self: more confidence and clarity about your life purpose.
Change and grow beyond the confinement and programming by family or culture.
Better relationship with your physical body: More confidence in appearance and voice, and a stronger and more positive body image.
Happier and healthier relationships with kids, partner, a co-worker with better communication with less emotional baggage.
A strong mindset to manifest our goals. Focus and clarity and command on our thoughts and action.
Feeling like a leader in ourselves and with family or at work.
Socially being seen as an authentic, natural, and commanding person.
More creativity in daily life decisions and discovery of artistic creativity.