Sound Healing with the 13 architypes of the Divine Mother

Honour all that you are – Honour your divine femininity!

This journey with music, sound, vibration, and spontaneous creativity was manifested to remind us of our divine mother: the Shechina, the Yin, the emotional and intuitive aspect of our brain, our bodies, our earth. This self study course brings you a Sound Journey for each archetype of the divine feminine and gives us the opportunity to honour all of what we are.

With each Archetype sound journey, I have included inspirational text that describes her message and exercises to help embody her teachings and essence. The hope is that this experience will help you embrace all the aspects of the divine mother within yourself. Becoming more fully you!

The music in this course was created freestyle and all recorded on the first take over one weekend of love, sharing and ritual. I and some amazing fellow creatives opened our ears, hearts, and minds to the sounds of the thirteen aspects of the divine mother according to the book of the creation of the Kabbalah.

With deep gratitude and love, I invite you to allow the vibrations of the divine feminine to enfold you in her warm embrace.

The Thirteen Divine Mother Archetypes

The sound healing journeys of the 13 Archetypes of the Shechina (divine mother) are as follows:

  1. Meyaledet – The Midwife archetype of the divine mother
    The gift of manifestation
  2. Na’arh – The Maiden archetype of the divine mother
    The gift of exploring possibilities
  3. Chachama – The Wise Woman archetype of the divine mother
    The gift of being a leader
  4. Leitzanit – The Fool archetype of the divine mother
    The gift of expressing
  5. Tzovah – The Guardian archetype of the divine mother
    The gift of grounding
  6. Mekonenet – The Mourning Woman archetype of the divine mother
    The gift of acknowledgment
  7. Doreshet – The Seeker archetype of the divine mother
    The gift of allowing
  8. Neviah – The Prophetess archetype of the divine mother
    The gift of seeing beyond
  9. Gevirah – The Matriarch archetype of the divine mother
    The gift of reclaiming
  10. Ba”Alt Ov – The Medium archetype of the divine mother
    The gift of connecting
  11. Eim – The Mother archetype of the divine mother
    The gift of caring
  12. Ohevet – The Lover archetype of the divine mother
    The gift of flowing with what is
  13. Oreget – The Weaver archetype of the divine mother
    The gift of being all that we are

Each archetype represents aspects, traits, and talents that we all carry within ourselves.

Sound Healing with the 13 Archetypes of the Divine Mother

A little note about the sacredness of the number 13

We are led to believe that something is wrong or unlucky with the number 13 but that belief was given to us by the same forces that made us feel ashamed about our bodies and sexuality.

In many ancient cultures, the number thirteen is sacred.

In the Kabbalah, it is the number that expresses unity. It is among the holiest of the numbers as it is closely associated with HaShem (name of God).

To the Maya and Aztecs, the thirteen was sacred as there were 13 snake gods. To the Native Americans, the number 13 is the number of the earth, the mother of all. To the native European (pagans), the number 13 and the day Friday was sacred and was associated with women. Coming of age for young adults is at 13 in bar mitzvah (Jewish) and communion (Christianity).

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I started to sing in my crib and perform to audiences since I was 9 years old. I absolutely can’t stop writing, composing, singing, creating, painting and dancing. Self-expression is my lifeline to happiness and I used joy my whole life to bring that to people in my family, my village and every community I ever joined. In my 20’s I built an entertainment business built on those principles. Then I had a crisis. That brought me the shadow world and depth of life and I started investigating: How do we stay happy? I entered the world of healing, shamanism, Kabbalah, sound healing and other eastern and western methods. I had teachers from all around the world and I started to give women circles, workshops and healing sessions. My method of working with the voice as the main tool for self-discovery and self-expression grew to be the central philosophy of creating everything. I identified 36 ways women hide their power and I am passionate about changing that. I am in awe of the power we have in our body, our mind voice and heart and I teach, preach and sing about it in any way I can. I now act as a transformational midwife for people who are ready to take a supported journey to change and happiness and I create tools, like the Sound Journey to aid people like you to hear YOUR own inner voice.


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This course includes:

  • 13 x Sound Journeys
  • Also all available as MP3 downloads
  • Practical Exercises
  • Written Exercises
  • Printable PDF workbook
  • Lifetime access to all content