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OH lovely one!  I want to share that I was teaching the doula training this week and the second day, I didn’t do my morning meditation with you before I left home.. and I got to the training and we had our opening circle to share where we were at.. and after it just felt so needed to have my morning meditation with you.. so I put it on the speaker and we all did it together!! It was beautiful!  And I shared the link with the students to join you too.

I so wish I could come on the 7th, but I will be in Florence then.

I keep in touch.
Jennifer walker

Thank you Galitta.

I listened and joined you in EFT lesson 3 several times,

happy you bring it up and to practise with you.

listen to lesson 4 every day, yes indeed I love the long sound journey, and in repeating find better concentration and go deeper, thank you.

yesterday live was another blessing, I kept the video on because I do that every Sunday morning in a live breathing meditation so the coach can see you and comment if you are not doing it right.

I thought it might be nice for you to see at least one person in the group following you.

I do use my different voices more consciously, but also openly,

in the morning yoga this huge sigh came out on the out breath, my teacher commented from the other side of the dojo, and in the evening with you by the end of zoom this huge loud jawn came out, sorry…but I know you understand that was no boredom or sleepiness, I felt very awake and alive, that was like the sigh releasing and letting go as in the set intention.

Very grateful to receive your beautiful and profound gifts,

dear Galitta,

Love you,

My dearest,

I’m sick home already for 2 days, totally stressed up.

So this morning I did your Inner Child Sound Journey again and it helped me so much. Your voice is filled with so much love, comfort and protection. It feels like a warm blanket around me. I saw and felt clearer and deeper than before.

Thank you so much for being there for me in such a beautiful way.

With love,

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