Guided Meditation for Our Collective Stress

Guided meditation for collective Stress.

I was planting spring flowers in the garden, letting my dog and cats play and I was desperately trying not to think about some of the alarming things that are happening in our countries. I feel as if I live in more than one country and I follow closely the changes of consciousness and the fight to reveal the truth and elevate humanity. It’s not easy to watch sometimes. 

We all know that we are living the shift and if you are like me, you want a world where every person can live in dignity and peace.

So I thought let’s record this meditation, to help us all, find more peace of mind because living in a state of stress is disempowering us to think clearly and creatively.

I will like you to join me in this guided meditation because It became more like a collective prayer.

The last few months I allow myself to connect deeper to the earth, as I want to manifest higher and better. I say allow because I realized that I am subconsciously afraid to do so.
Healing our own past traumas always create more room for new and fresh energies, also to the people who are closely connected to us.

So I invite you to do this Meditation with me, just because we can receive more blessings and give more love when we are in healing states.

I started to sing in my crib and perform to audiences since I was 9 years old. I absolutely can’t stop writing, composing, singing, creating, painting and dancing. Self-expression is my lifeline to happiness and I used joy my whole life to bring that to people in my family, my village and every community I ever joined. In my 20’s I built an entertainment business built on those principles. Then I had a crisis. That brought me the shadow world and depth of life and I started investigating: How do we stay happy? I entered the world of healing, shamanism, Kabbalah, sound healing and other eastern and western methods. I had teachers from all around the world and I started to give women circles, workshops and healing sessions. My method of working with the voice as the main tool for self-discovery and self-expression grew to be the central philosophy of creating everything. I identified 36 ways women hide their power and I am passionate about changing that. I am in awe of the power we have in our body, our mind voice and heart and I teach, preach and sing about it in any way I can. I now act as a transformational midwife for people who are ready to take a supported journey to change and happiness and I create tools, like the Sound Journey to aid people like you to hear YOUR own inner voice.

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