Guided Meditation to release worry and find peace

Guided Meditation to release worry

Guided Meditation to release worry and find peace

Sometimes excessive worry can take us away from our center, our own wisdom and our connection to Source. These days many of us feel the pressure of the changing times and we can lose ourselves in fear and worry.

A “wise” friend once told me that worry is a waste of energy when he saw me worrying and I thought to myself: did you see yourself when you were angry? 🙂
The truth is we all have one emotion that we are chemically addicted too. Some of us are easily sad, angry or worried and that is o.k., but like everything else we need balance.

My friend, “the wise guy”, feels comfortable with being mad and expressing anger but can’t admit sadness. And I, like many other too caring or sensitive people, get easily worried but will not easily express anger. Are you sometimes consumed by worrying?

Worrying is feeling afraid or concerned about a person or a situation. When we are worrying too much, our mind and body go into overdrive of stress about future, possible events, and it is unhealthy to stay too long in that state.

What can we do? We can give our mind and body a restart, clean the system from overburning and give it a break. That is why meditations are so powerful for health and strength. The moment we can be in an ocean of calm we can give our nerve system a chance to overcome the overwhelm and our brain to change the pattern.

Lately, I heard about a stress disorder that is on the rise and is called after a president of a big country, which I will not mention here. The Harvard University was compelled even to publish an article in the New England Journal of Medicine. This stress disorder is affecting people, and especially women who are really worried about the present climate of aggression and their kids’ health and future.

So, we are not alone! Since the end of 2016, I and many people I know are aware of the duality energies fighting over the soul on the planet and we get worried.

So, in hard and transformative time what can we do?
Fighting for justice and staying conscious is very important but it is not the only thing we can do.
We must also extremely take care of ourselves, our health, our sanity and Extremely spread love to ourselves, our families and other people.
Love? You ask.
Yes!! Must love.
And that is why I made you this wonderful Guided Meditation. Because I love you and I love the light and all children … And also because the divine mother told me too!
It really takes you high into bliss, so you can release worry and revive your energy.

This Guided Meditation is a healing journey to total peace and bliss.
Just take the time to take this journey and even do it before sleep, as it has a positive effect even if you fall asleep.
This Guided Meditation will also help you to develop your creative mind and the creating space in your subconscious to make room for more inspiration, insight, and focus.



I started to sing in my crib and perform to audiences since I was 9 years old. I absolutely can’t stop writing, composing, singing, creating, painting and dancing. Self-expression is my lifeline to happiness and I used joy my whole life to bring that to people in my family, my village and every community I ever joined. In my 20’s I built an entertainment business built on those principles. Then I had a crisis. That brought me the shadow world and depth of life and I started investigating: How do we stay happy? I entered the world of healing, shamanism, Kabbalah, sound healing and other eastern and western methods. I had teachers from all around the world and I started to give women circles, workshops and healing sessions. My method of working with the voice as the main tool for self-discovery and self-expression grew to be the central philosophy of creating everything. I identified 36 ways women hide their power and I am passionate about changing that. I am in awe of the power we have in our body, our mind voice and heart and I teach, preach and sing about it in any way I can. I now act as a transformational midwife for people who are ready to take a supported journey to change and happiness and I create tools, like the Sound Journey to aid people like you to hear YOUR own inner voice.


  • Jeannette
    August 10, 2018

    Thank you Galitta. Not to much worry at the moment but still I found a lot of inspiration and peace in this guided meditation.

    • Admin bar avatar
      August 11, 2018

      Hi Jeannette, thank you and I am happy that you are adding to the collective peace in the world. We need more of that in this transformative times, right?

  • Gail
    January 21, 2019

    Thank you, Galitta, for this beautiful and well done program for happiness. Thank you for calling us out on addiction to a habitual emotion, it’s couage (I’m on Day 2) to stop attending to the familiar monsters of the worry/sad/mad habit and feed a new one, even to leave the monster dungeon and rise up to the sunshine of happiness. Our new habiit of happiness imay be sunny but it’s a new relationship. Will it become as familiar and loyal? Will it hold me? Giving up the grip of worry feels like emptiness-until your step by step guide comes in and gives audible and visual ways to build new patterns. I want the new habit of happiness. Thank you.

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