21 days Happiness Challenge

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The purpose is to help us adopt the habit of thinking and feeling happy.

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Thinking happy can become a habit everyone can adopt.

Thinking Happy is a habit of becoming aware of our thoughts, our mental programs, and also an activity we can categorize as garbage.

Like every new habit, it needs a period of time to get integrated into our behavior.

In order to anchor a habit, we need to make some new links in our brain, learn new things, practice something new and make the connections in our brain more solid.

The challenge is made for you to think consciously and practice your thinking.

In this happiness challenge, I introduce my Voice Medicine of understanding the Power of the Voice, to use it as a medicine in the way we live our life.

We cure our pain and the way we practice happiness and joy.

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    Here’s a sneak peak of what we will cover over the

    21 Day Happiness Challenge…

    Happiness Challenge Past

    When we become aware of what is running in our mind, we realize that our thoughts are not the truth and not who we are. We start to become more aware of what we let inside our mind and what comes out of our mouth, which is related to what we think.

    So the power of happy thinking can impact our wellbeing and how we feel about ourselves. It also impacts how we communicate with others and how we influence verbally and mentally our environment.

    “Your beliefs become your thoughts,

    Your thoughts become your words,

    Your words become your actions,

    Your actions become your habits,

    Your habits become your values,

          Your values become your destiny.”
    Mahatma Gandhi

    21 Days Happiness Challenge