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Mentoring Program

Healing self-expression is my thing.

Releasing the past, finding freedom from shame and guilt, building confidence and boosting our spiritual connection and relationships. It’s what I do on all levels of being and I LOVE IT!

Doing all of this with the power of our authentic voice is MY PASSION.

I get it. Going through the shadows to manifest more joy and light, doesn’t sound easy. That is OK.
Yes. Deep breath. It is OK. I can help.

Over the past 12 years, I have worked with everyone from overwhelmed young mothers to ambitious creative entrepreneurs.
And I want to help you.
You don’t have to spend years walking around with pain and confusion trying to figure your life out. Stop the madness, my friend. Stop it.
It’s time for a Healing Intervention.

Healing the past brings us more freedom & creates inner space to hold more light.

Customised Program

You can decide to join me for a fully customised month long program – with a focus on your goals, needs and wishes. We decide together on your specific schedule, tools, and sessions after we have spoken and decided what will be effective, healing and inspiring for both of us.

The first step is to contact me and we can organise a FREE 20 minute  Skype session to discuss the possibilities.

Know Yourself Goddessa

Step by Step Program

This monthly mentoring program includes 3 personal sessions, video lessons, audios of Sound Healing Journeys and weekly accountability correspondence.
We will design it together for you to reach one of your chosen goals:
Know Your Spirit
Love Your Body
Heal Your Heart
Lead Your Mind
I will accompany you on your journey to transform your approach to your challenges and to find your innate power to love and honor yourself.
Together we will follow the recommended course of the program – packed with video lessons, Sound Healing Journeys but we will combine it with personalized weekly Skype sessions, correspondence and unique coaching based on your personal experience of the course.

The Results :

1) Release emotional pain for good, from past relationships or situation and strengthen your emotional life, to be solid and centered.

2) Connect you to your Source and Guidance system, and find lost passion, faith, creativity, and love.

3) Open your inner vision to who you are and what your soul mission is on earth.

4) Create your life by YOUR design, not by default.

5) Find your physical, emotional, and inner voice and learn to work with your mind voices as you would like it to be.

6) Start your spiritual journey to the bigger you ( if you didn’t already..that is a must)


Your investment:

price:  € 487 per month
(3 personal sessions, video lessons, audios of Sound Healing Journeys and weekly accountability correspondence)


Disclaimer  – if you come into contact with Galitta, your life may change. You may become more aligned, energized, healed, liberated, whole, in short: happy. Galitta is a catalyst and cannot be held responsible for your happiness, but you can.

Galitta With DrumIs it time?

Healing the past bring us more freedom and creates inner space to hold more light.

I help YOU expand your command over your life, your voice, your mind, and heart, with the help of The Goddessa Guide to Happiness, a method I developed to help myself emotionally survive the world.

There is nothing I enjoy more than to see you living the life you are meant to live, sing the song of your heart and walk through life with juicy and daily happiness.

You are the only one to decide it is time!

I am devoted to helping YOU:

  • Find pleasure with your voice and body.
  • Guide you to reconnect with your inner voice and higher wisdom.
  • Balance your emotions and find peace and joy in your relationships.
  • Live with a healthy command of your thoughts and purpose.



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