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Honor the Goddessa in You workshops - Happy Goddessa

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Honor the Goddessa in You is a workshop that will help you reconnect to yourself at a spiritual, mental, physical and intellectual level. Uniting all aspects of yourself to create happiness, harmony, and empowerment in all areas of your life. It is so powerful Knowledge. Thank you for those of you who asked me to give it again in our sacred space Fertile Ground Studio.

In the workshop, Galitta Tassa will guide you through a personal journey and use a combination of techniques from guided meditation, voice dialog, visualization, to kabbalistic wisdom and Shamanic healing to explore and reveal all aspects of your light and shadow personalities and goddesses.

Four aspects of self-care focused on:

1. Mental – explore the invisible aspects of yourself and the different roles and sub-personalities who influence your life through guided meditation and creative writing.

2. Physical – how do we empower our bodies? Body awareness and voice development techniques are used to create liberation from mental stress.

3. Emotional – where do we need to heal and how? We learn to listen to our heart voices and secret wishes and heal the fear and obstacles that obstruct our mental and emotional health.

4. Spiritual – reconnect to your eternal power. Take steps into your unconsciousness through a shamanic journey, visualization, writing exercises and guided meditation and reconnect with the neglected aspects of yourself.

The techniques you will learn can be practiced anywhere and at anytime in your daily life.

This workshop is Step one of a three-part program that helps women unite their deepest qualities and find empowerment to lead happier and more fulfilling lives.

Find peace with everything you are, master your full potential, and find balance in your life.
Establish the center-point between peace and power. Doing so will give you the leadership of your life and clarity on your goals.

Will you become a woman of regret or a Goddess?

As a healer, Galitta is a certified practitioner of Theta Healing and Reconnective Healing and has practiced since 2000, the Sound Healing and Shamanism. Galitta is an inspiring force in the world of artistic expression and personal development. She is a happiness guide and transformational mentor, a mother and a woman with a passion for voice and self-expression. She is on a mission to share the creative force, scientific nuggets and mystical knowledge and secrets about happiness. Galitta Tassa is on a mission to help empower us to become happier, more confident and commanding. She currently guides many women to achieve this with her unique program of personal discovery, exploration, and development, called Happy Goddessa Guide. She is here to share her own experiences and insights on how an unending source of personal creativity, inspiration, and drive is ready to be claimed. Galitta’s tribal heritage, prolific artistic range, and entrepreneurial drive led her to Found Happy Goddessa and led hundreds of events and workshops in Europe, inspiring countless numbers of people to find their voice and live a better life.

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