Day 67- Meditations and Inner Peace

Happy Goddessa meditation

Day 67 of my 108 days Journey challenge to intensely appreciate life.

What do I intensely appreciate today?

Today, I am appreciating inner peace and the methods and the practice of letting them come in my daily life.
It is true that in the bottom line: that is what we want for our selves, our family and to the world.
Do we have to ask ourselves what is inner peace for me? How does it feel?
I guess it feels like a field of space with no fear, pain, and confusion.
A space with a sense of connectedness and unconditional love.
I intensely appreciate the stillness that comes when we ask it nicely to appear in our day.
I intensely appreciate learning how to dive into the still water of the heart and letting peace enter to all cells.

I intensely appreciate all kinds of meditations, I enjoy, Guided meditation, Mindfulness, Shamanic meditation, Light transmissions, Sound Healing Meditations, Chant meditation.
I intensely appreciate finding that we can always connect to inner peace, even if it is for a few minutes and in the middle of outer chaos.

I intensely appreciate the powers of sound, light, bells, Tibetan bells, drums,  mantras to help us access peace.

What do I need to intensely accept about today?

I am absolutely ( the wiser part of me talking to the stubborn part) have to accept that sometimes I am not motivated to be in action. it is par.t of changing my brain and my life. that is what this 108 days challenge are for.

Have I done my Meditation today?

I did today more than my share 🙂

What have I learned today?

I am allowed to drop the action living and marinate in peace. Apparently, it is benefiting everyone.

A question to you: What or who help you feel a sense of inner peace? 

The challenge questions are:
Try it for 7 days :-)

What do I intensely appreciate today?
What do I need to intensely accept about today?
Am I intensely loyal to myself? or 
Have I done my Meditation today?
What have I learned today?

As a healer, Galitta is a certified practitioner of Theta Healing and Reconnective Healing and has practiced since 2000, the Sound Healing and Shamanism. Galitta is an inspiring force in the world of artistic expression and personal development. She is a happiness guide and transformational mentor, a mother and a woman with a passion for voice and self-expression. She is on a mission to share the creative force, scientific nuggets and mystical knowledge and secrets about happiness. Galitta Tassa is on a mission to help empower us to become happier, more confident and commanding. She currently guides many women to achieve this with her unique program of personal discovery, exploration, and development, called Happy Goddessa Guide. She is here to share her own experiences and insights on how an unending source of personal creativity, inspiration, and drive is ready to be claimed. Galitta’s tribal heritage, prolific artistic range, and entrepreneurial drive led her to Found Happy Goddessa and led hundreds of events and workshops in Europe, inspiring countless numbers of people to find their voice and live a better life.

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