Sound Journey Bundle-Entering Confidence and Inner Voice & Intuition


Sound Journeys audios are a combination of Guided Meditation, Shamanic drumming, and Sound Healing. In a meditative state, we use the power of visualization, the power of the shamanic drum to bring our brain waves to deep relaxation and the healing sound of the voice to activate and create healing and transformations.
Happy Goddessa Sound Journeys are the most effortless way to release old pain, fear, anxiety, confusion, and doubt.

1) Video- Step by step guide to access your inner voice
2) Sound Journey to meet your Inner Kingdom
3) Sound Journey to your Sacred Space
4) Sound Journey to Inner Peace – visiting Lamuria
5) Sound Journey to connect to your Inner Child of our physical body
6) Sound Journey: Protection of the Golden Egg

Support and guidance from the Happy Goddessa Community
Feel more confident
Relieve stress

Tap into your abundant source of inner strength and intuition.


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