Connect & Heal

With Your

Spirit Guide

Connect To Your Core – Remember Who You Are

Join me as I guide you step by step to connect and communicate with your personal guide. Increase insight, intuition, and confidence in your life path with spirit guide and soul mission!

The first step to elevate our life and consciousness to a new level is to Connect. The biggest enemy to our happiness and wellbeing is disconnection. Connecting to ourselves: Mind, Body, Heart, and Spirit, is the basis of the Happy Goddessa Voice Medicine

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Why Do I Offer This Course?

When I was a child, the intensity of life drove me to despair and my “invisible friend” saved my life. He taught me, comforted me, made me laugh and guided me.
When I became an adult, I discovered that I can consciously regain the connection to that love and wisdom with my “invisible friend”.

I blossomed

I learned to connect to my Spirit Guide in a shamanic way and life was never the same.
I dared to take on the world and to “march to the beat of my own drum”.

When a crisis broke my heart and my life, my connection to my Spirit Guide saved my life again. My Life, creativity, relationships and even health is better because of this unlimited guidance and love.

I want that for you and for all the beautiful souls who walk the earth.

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Is This For You?

  • You feel you’re holding yourself back from embracing your full power.

  • You know there is more to you and to the life you want to create.

  • You’re curious about your spirituality but don’t know where to start or how to go deeper.

  • You feel you don’t have enough time to explore your intuition / inner knowing.

  • You feel you would like to be supported on your spiritual path and earthly success.

A Spirit Guide is an aspect of Spirit that is helping you remember who you are on a soul level.
It will always remind you to hear your own voice beyond the noise of the ego.

What You Will Gain

  • Connection to your Spirit Guide and tools to evolve this relationship

  • Connection to your OWN internal source of power

  • Regain confidence and clarity in who you really are and the magnificence that you came here to create.

  • Learn tools for a daily practice to keep you awake and growing

  • Access to ongoing support from your Spirit Guide

  • Experience increased inspiration and creativity

What To Expect

Open your senses and connect to the inner guidance that is available to you. This unique guided course takes you on shamanic sound healing journeys. Using the power of the shamanic drum, we journey with the vibration of sound and voice to take you deeper into yourself in an effortless way. It will carry you beyond the illusion of separation to oneness – to inner peace. Helping you get in touch with your core, and encounter what you seek.

Step 1: We start with learning where to find your spirit guide.
Step 2: We take you on a sound journey that will introduce you to your inner kingdom.
Step 3: We then address any underlying fear we feel about receiving love and guidance, making space for true connection.
Step 4: Meet your Spirit Guide with a powerful sound journey.
Step 5: Develop your relationship with your spirit guide.
Step 6: Integration – bring your insights and connectedness into your daily life. Maintain your connection.

During this course, this creative, protective space, allows you to go deeper into your subconscious to connect to the guide that is closest to you – your Spirit Guide. Our personal spirit guide is a force! It accompanies you, supports, guides, teaches and gives you insight into your broader truth. Find the answers, even to things you didn’t know you were looking for!

What You Will Learn

  • Master entering your own subconscious – a deep state of meditation

  • Learn about Akashic records, expansion of consciousness and ascension

  • Nurture a connection with your spirit guide – a deeper connection to your core self

  • Experience the inner peace, health, and confidence from that connection

  • Heal emotionally and mentally

  • The power of intention and manifestation

  • Open up your creativity

  • Liberation of fears that inhibit connection

  • Releasing of ancestral blockages

  • Strengthen your intuition and focus

Why Is This Course Unique?

Sound Journeys

This course use a tool called Sound Journeys. Sound Journeys uses a unique combination of Shamanic and sound healing tools, bringing us to a deeper level of our subconscious. You can use these sound journeys, again and again, to return back to your authentic self, to your inner kingdom, strength, and intuition.

In your own space

This course can be taken anywhere and anytime. Set yourself up in a space that is the most comforting to you. Turn off your phone and give yourself the space to go inwards.


The Happy Goddessa Community is here to support you on your journey. Together we create a global Goddessa family raising our vibration and the vibration of the world!

Live – Lead – Love, like the Happy Goddessa you are.

Dear Goddessa: You’re Starting Your Hero/Heroin Journey:

The first step to elevate our life and consciousness to a new level is to Connect.
The biggest enemy to our happiness and wellbeing is disconnection. Connecting to ourselves: Mind, Body, Heart, and Spirit, is the basis of the Happy Goddessa Voice Medicine.

It doesn’t matter who you are, where you come from or where you want to go, the goddessa journey to happiness starts on the east side of the wheel with connecting to ourselves.

Connecting our little Personality Self with our giant Soul Self
Connecting our earthy (conscious) life with our spirit (unconscious) life
Connecting our right intuitive brain with our left analytical brain
Connecting to our soul mission and our original intent for living
Connecting to Spirit, the intelligence that creates the world
Connecting to higher aspects of ourselves
Connecting to the deep peace and knowing that is already inside our being.

So my dear Goddessa, if you are a man or a woman, advanced seeker or beginner seeker, I congratulate you for wanting to grow and explore the magnificence of your own inner world.

And so the journey begins.