How can we SWEETLY SURRENDER to life? Guided Meditation

How can we SWEETLY SURRENDER to life? Guided Meditation

I don’t know about you, but I am tired of fighting. I am not enjoying struggling anymore (even though it’s addictive) and I am bored with being disappointed.

On top of everything, I am truly enjoying the shift to the 5th dimension and I look at the past and I can forgive it.
Would it be amazing if we can truly say goodbye to the past and all that was and instead shout a laud HELLO to the unknown of the coming future?
I am ready.
Are you?

So, I declared to the universe, ‘I am ready to surrender my guns’ and while I was walking among the trees, breathing the fresh air and counting my blessings I suddenly felt the sweetness in my mouth and my heart.
Just to make a point, a bird walked in front of me and looked at me seriously, as if saying: Did you say guns?

Yes, I said. I am officially allowing the big part of me take me to the ease of acceptance, forgiveness and maybe even trust. Me, little me, had enough of fighting.
Can you accept all that has happened this year? What you did and what you didn’t do?

Can you forgive yourself for not being perfect?

If you also feel that EVERYTHING is too much and EVERYBODY is running crazy and you just wish to find your feet again in really really short time… I have a treat for you. ​

In this guided meditation, that is perfect for this month energies, I invite you to feel how much power there is with sweet surrender.

Enjoy, and please share your experience in the comments or forward it to someone who needs some peace.

A relaxing guided meditation to find sweet surrender and love

As a healer, Galitta is a certified practitioner of Theta Healing and Reconnective Healing and has practiced since 2000, the Sound Healing and Shamanism. Galitta is an inspiring force in the world of artistic expression and personal development. She is a happiness guide and transformational mentor, a mother and a woman with a passion for voice and self-expression. She is on a mission to share the creative force, scientific nuggets and mystical knowledge and secrets about happiness. Galitta Tassa is on a mission to help empower us to become happier, more confident and commanding. She currently guides many women to achieve this with her unique program of personal discovery, exploration, and development, called Happy Goddessa Guide. She is here to share her own experiences and insights on how an unending source of personal creativity, inspiration, and drive is ready to be claimed. Galitta’s tribal heritage, prolific artistic range, and entrepreneurial drive led her to Found Happy Goddessa and led hundreds of events and workshops in Europe, inspiring countless numbers of people to find their voice and live a better life.

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