Hello writing enthusiasts!

Do you have the zeal for writing on various niches and possess a creative approach towards anything and everything around you? Do you feel you do justice with words and therefore create superlative articles on the go? If yes, then you are on the right page, my friend! We are always searching for great writers who can contribute and share their ideas with us which in turn can help us all rise and grow in our lives.

The article niche that we accept for guest posting on our website are as given

  • Self-knowledge and Self Expression
  • Healthy life/mind Style
  • Women Happiness
  • Self-Healing
  • Meditation and mindfulness
  • Sound Healing
  • Art therapy
  • Healthy living

But be very sure about your article before submitting it to us!

Well, we tend to check every article crucially for any kind of grammatical errors, plagiarism issues or even out-of-the-context phrases. So, you must be very particular in what you are providing to us.

Here are a few guidelines to follow, if that may make your task easier. Go through them before you write

  • The content that you provide, must be 98-100% unique and free or grammatical errors. We check the submitted articles in various tools and proofread them before posting!
  • It should be fully plagiarism free and must not be spanned or copied from anywhere, therefore, it must be your original written piece. Any kind of plagiarism issue is easily caught by the plagiarism checking software, so you must not make this mistake.
  • The content should involve only topics from the provided niche and MUST NOT include any other irrelevant topic as that may subject to straightaway rejections.
  • You MUST NOT include anything in your content which hurts social or religious sentiments and must not indicate negativity towards anything in particular; no abusing, no use of vulgar words and no adult content!
  • The length of the content does not matter as long as you provide the best quality. But to keep it subtle the minimum words should be around 45o-500 and the maximum as per your needs (but don’t make it too lengthy and monotonous that the reader leaves it halfway)
  • And lastly, we do accept backlinks of up to 1-2 websites, social sites and even an introductory bio of the writer before posting. No, we do not charge anything or pay to the writers for the guest post services; it is only the work that is recognized amongst the reader’s fraternity!

Read the guidelines? So, ready to take over?

All you need to do is, write the article and check for all the above-mentioned guidelines and then send it to the following mail id for further proceedings


Once we like your article and consider it for posting on our website, we will inform you via mail, and send you the link of your article as well.

P.S- we may make changes or edit your article as per our needs and we hold the entire right to do so!